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Zhejiang’s first "from complementary" ground type photovoltaic power plant formal grid – energy – people.com.cn Jinhua Beijing, September 11, (Hu Fengsheng Xu Fenghua Liu Zheng) Zhejiang Wuyi Dazu bacteria light complementary photovoltaic power generation projects before the date of acceptance, a formal grid, which is the ground type photovoltaic power station in Jinhua city’s first built grid it is the first in Zhejiang Province, solar photovoltaic power generation projects. The photovoltaic power plant located in the street head village of Wuyi County Hushan edible agricultural greenhouse area, a total investment of 43 million yuan, the total installed capacity of 5100 kilowatts, covers an area of about 100 acres, farmers for solar power projects. Generation of polycrystalline silicon solar cell components of the plant with edible fungus base net area of about 60000 square meters of the canopy top assembly 18889 peak power of 270 watts, by inverter, step-up, with 10 thousand volt substation grid line access mode of the grid system. The project is expected to put into operation, the annual generating capacity of up to 5 million kwh, equivalent to saving 1700 tons of standard coal, 3000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the project, the State Grid Wuyi power company opened Easy Access, organized professional personnel to the scene inspection and technical guidance, and actively communicate with the higher authorities, to resolve the practical difficulties of users. And specialized investment of more than 260 yuan, from the 110 thousand volt substation hopeswan built a back 5.93 km long 10 thousand volt line, to meet the great demand of electric power transmission: photovoltaic power station. Put into operation of the project, provide a model for agricultural modernization in Zhejiang province and photovoltaic power generation applications, both to enhance the energy saving and emission reduction, and solves the problem of the development of new energy and occupation of land, to achieve social, economic and environmental benefits and win-win. (commissioning editor Li Nanhua and Jiang Qi)相关的主题文章: