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All of the campaigns said and Yang Yang kissing Zheng Shuang mood impulsive day [Abstract] Zheng Shuang, as long as there is a kiss she is very nervous, "I took all the drama hope will not have a kiss, feeling more than you can bear the pressure." Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang kissing "embarrassed" by netizens Evaluation Information Times reported in September 29th (Cai Mujia) Xiao Nai and Tony to slightly show affection. Starring Yang Yang Zheng Shuang, the TV drama "smiled very little" tonight will be landing in Shenzhen TV broadcasting of the two round. Yesterday, the heroine Zheng Shuang in an interview with reporters for the filming gap, everyone on the show first broadcast hot topic one draw solution. How about the field is all straight like sweetness burst table kiss, Zheng Shuang said, "I have to shoot this movie one day the mood is very impulsive." I never thought you were such a Zheng Shuang. "God harvester" afraid of filming kiss in "original smiled very little", Zheng Shuang’s Bay is slightly Qingda Computer Department of flowers, is also a female master in the game. She knew by the game "jiaocao" Xiao Nai, happy marriage achievement two. On the emotional experience of life, shellfish are called life winner". When receiving the role of Bei Wei, Zheng Shuang had revealed that did not expect the party will find me". Zheng Shuang yesterday reiterated that Beckham slightly too perfect, in contrast, she felt that she was filming "summer" ("summer solstice" role) more down to earth, "as a teenager, I like summer and are not so confident, will feel not good enough is not good enough, I feel less like shellfish slightly so, then, the sun good girl." Although Zheng Shuang’s real life also has a slightly similar to the "small to large (two)" similar experience, but the way the love letter is different. Zheng Shuang said if he received the confession letter, the first time is very tight, "on the primary school have had this experience, I cried. Remember to receive a music card, the first time he received the results ran to Restroom tear it away, and then tell the teacher……" Partner object from Jing Bairan, Li Zhongshuo to the "male god harvester," the title for the sister is not a little too much for the. But unexpectedly, when it comes to play so many anthomaniac female audience of envy and Yang Yang kissing, but Zheng Shuang said, "everyone will love this kiss it, but I really to shoot this movie let me one day the mood is very impulsive." Although Zheng Shuang also said Yang Yang "interpretation of the Xiao Nai very good", his "sometimes Yang Yangshuai", but she did all the work, as long as there is a kiss she is very nervous, "I took all the drama hope will not have a kiss, feeling more than you can bear the pressure." "Hot search constitution" the original fear of quarrel, do not want to expand things in addition to the male and female were perfect, and the Xiao Nai shell tiny love also makes you jealous, not misunderstanding no contradictions not quarrelled, from online to offline ambiguous love, to get married, the path is smooth without obstacle. Despite the interpretation of such a perfect relationship, but Zheng Shuang said, "we have to tell you that there is little and Xiao Nai in real life does not exist. We watch TV series is a kind of good hope to see, rather than their own kind相关的主题文章: